Candle Making Classes

Length: 45 – 60 Min Class

*Private Classes and additional schedule days available upon request*

Hicksville Group Class Schedule:

Available Upon Request

Deer Park Group Class Schedule:

Available Upon Request

Riverhead Group Class Schedule:

Available Upon Request

Mineola Coming Soon: 

Available Upon Request

Our Candle Making classes teach you how to work with one of the oldest forms of decorative art. We make things that can lighten up your home, room, and living space. 

Working with our hands is one of the best ways for anyone to relax and feel connected with what he or she is creating. This is perfect for first-time clay artists and experienced learners alike.

Candle Making is a skill you will always keep dear in your heart!

Format: Instructor Led

Necessary Tools: None

Who can join?

  • Open to all ages
  • Beginner learners recommended

What will I learn?

  • Introduction to advanced candle making techniques, such as sculpting and embedding
  • Understanding different types of wax, wicks, and fragrances
  • Creating more intricate and personalized candle designs using advanced techniques
  • Developing an understanding of the chemistry behind advanced candle making techniques
  • Progress in advanced candle making skills, leading to increased creativity and self-expression through candle making

Course Requirements

  • Registration form required


  • $95 per Class