American Sign Language Classes

Length: 45 – 60 min Class

*Private Classes and additional schedule days available upon request*

Hicksville Group Class Schedule:

Available Upon Request

Deer Park Group Class Schedule:

Available Upon Request

Riverhead Group Class Schedule:

Available Upon Request

Mineola Group Class Schedule:

Available Upon Request

Want your child to communicate with the deaf community? Smart Start is offering a Sign Language course. This is beneficial for all types of learners to engage with the deaf community. Certified sign language teachers will help your child learn the importance of sign language. Many folks, within the deaf community feel invisible due to lack of awareness and knowledge of sign language. Allow your child to be inclusive to the deaf community by gaining knowledge on the significance of sign language. 

We provide an easy way to learn sign language. No child is left behind. We engage your child with the basics of sign language to effectively sign and communicate with the deaf community. 

Format: Instructor Led

Necessary Tools: None

Who can join?

  • Open to public
  • Classes are appropriate for all ages and all abilities

What will I learn?

  • Introduction to American Sign Language (ASL) alphabet and basic vocabulary
  • Learning ASL grammar and syntax
  • Developing the ability to engage in basic ASL conversations
  • Understanding the cultural context of ASL and Deaf culture
  • Progress in ASL ability, leading to increased proficiency in communication with the Deaf community

Course Requirements

  • Registration form required


  • $95 per Class
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