Yoga and Mindfulness

Our Yoga & Mindfulness course will help reduce stress and increase overall wellbeing for your child. This will help them succeed academically. Mindfulness is becoming more well-known in the school systems. This is more effective than punishment/detention because children are responsible for their breath. We teach students how to successfully act upon emotions without harming

Fitness Health and Hygiene

Want your child to exercise and be physically active? TAS is offering a “Health, Hygiene and Fitness” course that caters to your child’s special needs. This includes physical activities, and practicing good hygiene etiquette. Our course will teach/ your child the various types of hygiene etiquette for he/she to achieve maximum health. Our classrooms provide

Arts and Crafts

Does your child crave to express themselves creatively? Smart Start offers an excellent course, with therapeutic benefits, to aid in your child’s development. . Art is an excellent tool for a child to express their emotion and helps them process their environment. We offer the supplies and tools for your child to engage in many